Find Love in the Subway ! !

We can meet our kindred spirit in the street, on Meetic, at friends’, at work… or in the subway.
What doing when we didn’t dare to talk to the person ? When we regret not making this smile longer ?
Happily the website exists!

Classified by quarters the “researches” of lost smiles are by dizains hoping a return…

Rendez-vous on the website that is handsome !

You can read for instance : “You haven’t remarked me, even seen me I think so it is just to let you know that you have a wonderful smille and that being the one who makes you smiled and laughed must be a pure haines” or also “Met around 10 pm on line 8 an exchanged smile taking off at Opéra… I realized too late that I would have came back in the subway to talk to you…”.

Good reading !

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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  1. ” RER A, sur le quai, un soir assez froid d’hiver, vous étiez avec vos amies, j’ai pas osé vous parler, …” 😉

    AEZ / Reply

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