TRACES : a wonderful moment of contemporary circus at Bobino!

This is Wednesday, 9 pm. The show is supposed to start soon. The last spectators are sitting but a sound problem is announced. The artists have had to adapt the show, that is the magic of spectacle vivant.

A squat is before us . Tensed tissues are on the walls. Two metal bars are pointing to the sky and held by ropes on both sides of the stage . At bottom right, an old piano . On the left , a comfortable but faded armchair. In the background, wooden benches. 7 people are on stage : 6 men, 1 woman .
They are wearing black pants, white T-shirts, without any other artifice. Artists enchains most extraordinary acrobatics as each other, jump through the stacked circles, dance, play with skateboards or basketballs. Every gesture and movement is an excuse for the choreography.

I particularly enjoyed the game of Anne-Marie, the only girl in the band, with a simple book and an armchair. A very nice moment of poetry, contortion and dancing. The staging is perfectly punctuated : physical performance interspersed with musical, humorous and wording interludes. The synchronization of movements or rather their disorganization is perfectly mastered. Everything is fluid and precise. The 7 Traces members take us on an urban and acrobatic adventure never seen before. They are talented, funny, accurate and convincing. Everything is realized with art and sincere pleasure .

I admit to have never been very fond of circus. Traces is different. It is a mixture of so many arts that each spectator can only be touched by the efforts of the seven artists to make us laugh, smile, dream or tremble at the idea of ​​a possible fall . No one can be insensitive to the magic and sense of escape caused by Traces !

Traces, de la Compagnie des 7 doigts de la main
Théâtre Bobino, 14-20 Rue de la Gaité, 75014 Paris
From February 24th to April 23rd 2016.
From 26€ to 58 € the ticket. 

More information on the show here and on the Compagnie des 7 doigts de la main there.

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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