The Westin and a brochette of actors for Christmas…

Christmas is soon, here it is… At the office, we start smelling the turkey and the chesnuts and our mind is nearest to the Christmas tree than to the computer.

Your colleagues have a little touch of madness too, a smile on their lips, and are not surprised to heard you sang « Merry Christmas » all the time.
To celebrate the next event, what is better than a class diner in a class restaurant in the class Paris of Christmas ?

Rendez-vous at noon and a half. At 12:29 I arrive. At 12:30 I google. At 12:31 I push the heavy door of the Parisian palace The Westin, just next to the place

Vendôme. The class, yes.

Flagged floor, picture window with a view on the winter garden, bathrooms as big as your flat, thick carpets.

In the restaurant room, armchairs and velvet sofas. Purple and violet colors : crockery, cushions, curtains, waitress’ shirts.
We can’t deny, that’s a change from the cafetaria…

The restaurant boudoir is cosy, almost as « at home » (but we don’t have obviously the same home!). The atmosphere is warmful, not so uptight finally.
We are more relaxed than at the office. That’s not a surprise, we are served wine!

In the plate it will be :
– Scottish smoked salmon core, shiso seaweed and fresh goat’s cheese
– Racan farm poultry, root vegetables with juice, raw chestnut petals and creamy foie gras sauce
–  Tanzania choc-hot-late, crispy cocoa beans and cocoa sorbet
(as heavy in the plate as the name)

For the ambiance, it will be : Gérard Darmon, Franck Dubosc, Valérie Lemercier, Bruno Gassiot, Elisa Servier… and a brochette of twenty other actors well known by the French public sat at the table just behind mine !

No doubt, at the Westin’s, they know how to receive !

Menu Tasting for 72€.
Menu of the day for 29€ (starters-meal or meal-dessert) or 35€ (starters-meal-dessert).

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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