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Les Bonnes Sœurs ou le Brunch cossu de la place des Vosges

(Français) IMG_3423

Après être passée plusieurs fois devant ce restaurant, il a fallu attendre plusieurs semaines avant que je ne pousse sa porte. Nous sommes dimanche 12h30, le brunch a commencé il y a 30 minutes, et c’est l’effervescence à l’intérieur ! Les serveurs amènent des assiettes remplies de bonnes choses, c’est bruyant, encombré. Il y a la queue à l’entrée. On prend notre nom et on nous dit de repasser dans 30 minutes plus tard. Après un thé et une courte balade dans le quartier. Nous revoilà repartis à la conquête des Bonnes Sœurs !

At the Dôme du Marais, for a chic, romantic and fashion moment

We are in the Marais, that starts pretty well. Then the Maitre d'Hotel tells us that our booking doesn't enable us to have drinks only, "you understand here is a restaurant".

Yet they install us in the first room, and the charm starts working...

Musical outing idea of Saturday

What about, after the turmoil of the snow, the black ice, the traffic jam and the skids, meeting for a musical time ?

The Café "Les Rosiers", like at home.

A friend had spoken to me about this café saying that I "absolutely" had to go there ! I passed in front of it once, but I hadn't entered, the window was a little dowdy and didn't attract me very much. A few weeks later, the same friend organised a little party in this café. No way to escape again ! And I have to admit that I haven't been disappointed...

Place of honor for the Music with Melomania

Melomania offered us once again the opportunity to attend a big moment of classical music on Saturday 25 September, listening to the 24 studies of Chopin played by the pianist Roustem Saïtkoulov, winner of the masters of Monaco.

The "Vins des Pyrénées", a good address in the Marais

The Marais is full of nice places to discover : little streets, little shops, cafés, restaurants... Here is a discovery I made on last Saturday, in the middle of this "very Parisian" quarter. The "Vins des Pyrénées" is a restaurant in the bistrot style...