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What about visiting an exhibition… ? (N°3)

With the beginning of this big cold, what about visiting an exhibition ? To warm yourself up in front of warm colored paintings, photographs which won't let you cold... Here are some ideas for your next weekends...

Helmut Newton in the place of honor at Grand Palais

Until June 17th takes place the "Helmut Newton" exhibition at the Grand Palais. A nice homage to this Vogue photographer. A mix of pictures of fashion, of naked, of celebrities. Black and white, colors. Chic and shock pictures where woman has the full powers...

Bulgari exhibition : it’s shining in Paris !

« Bulgari, 125 years of Italian Magnificence » : a great title for jewels which are as great as it is. At the Grand Palais, all the art of Bulgari exhibited behing big windows for the eyes full of stars of the visitors. Diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, rubies, tourmaline, amethysts, topaz, turquoise... we don't know which way to turn !