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La Parisienne (bis)

Yesterday I published an article about "La Parisienne from the Galeries Lafayette" ; and what a surprise today to read an article about the same topic, page 24 in the magazine "A nous Paris" ! As you can see, I am not the only one to have remarked this big poster !!

Results of the contest MissaParis – Le Fermoir !

After long decisions, Elise from the Fermoir and MissaParis (finally) decided who - according to them - have had the idea to realise THE photography gathering the liberty bracelet from Le Fermoir and Paris...

Bulgari exhibition : it’s shining in Paris !

« Bulgari, 125 years of Italian Magnificence » : a great title for jewels which are as great as it is. At the Grand Palais, all the art of Bulgari exhibited behing big windows for the eyes full of stars of the visitors. Diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, rubies, tourmaline, amethysts, topaz, turquoise... we don't know which way to turn !

The Christmas list of MissaParis

Christmas is in 4 days. You haven't finished or started your purchase yet. Panic gains you. And that is understandable, isn't it ? And if I told you that MissaParis may help you ? Upon the idea of a constant reader, MissaParis gives you her suggestions of first or last resort for presents not like the others and which will have their little effect !

A little of Holland in Paris !

Holland ? That's the place I prefer after Paris ! Having had the luck for a few months, I could discover (between other things) HEMA there. If you don't know it, you will ! The first Parisian shop has just opened its doors a few days ago (there has been already one in Creteil).

Do you want to dance tonight ?

That is question averybody answered yes on last Saturday 27th November. Why ? Because it was the Bal de la Bourse of course !