Retrospective Pictures of Paris 2011… on

Pictures of Paris to remember 2011… What a great idea !
No photos cliché, but on the contrary pictures far from the Parisian magnificence, simple but true.

33 photos fixing Parisians, places, events… (That is not obvious on the website, but to read more information, click on the tab “+ d’infos” in the top right of the picture).

Rendez-vous on the website to discover the slide show.

Moreover my favorite photo which is the most original one : The square of the City Hall of Paris, viewed from its big clock… And we learn that this clock is the only thing having survived from the former City Hall burnt in 1871 during the Paris Commune.

Crédit : Sophie Robichon / Mairie de Paris

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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  1. Originale, la photo!!!

    Bénédicte / Reply
  2. Vraiment jolie, cette photo !

    Mademoiselle / Reply

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