MissaParis likes Resto-de-Paris – Interview of Aude Baron, its creator

That is during one of my webistic saunters that I discovered the blog of the journalist for lepost.fr Aude Baron, Resto-de-Paris.com.

A la carte ? Good tips of restaurants for all the Parisian gourmands and gourmets. With a big independence, Aude gives us all her finds with all her appetite of discovery. She even says that what she likes when she goes to the restaurant is “to be served and to discover !”.
To make us discovered more about her blog, Aude has accepted to answer MissaParis’ questions…

MissaParis : Hi Aude. You are the creator and the writer of the blog Resto-de-Paris. Can you tell us how this blog was born ?
Aude : In 2007 I presented news about traffic jam on Radio France and I had the idea to create this blog for two reasons : 1) I wanted to convert myself to the web and my boyfriend suggested me to create a blog. 2) I had to find a thematic not too restrictive and compatible with my daily life. From that, the idea came quite quickly.  As I was devouring the “Guide du Routard” and “A chacun son café” and that I was going a lot to the restaurant, I decided to create my own Guide.

MissaParis : Who are you writing for ?
Aude : That is a blog of good tips, good (or bad) addresses. 70% out of my readers are from the Parisian area, the rest comes from the province or from abroad (US, UK and I have also one from Burkina who regularly follows my blog !). Most of my readers are people who are coming to Paris.

MissaParis : How do you choose the restaurants to try ?
Aude : 70% out of the restaurants I speak about have been discovered in the course of the opportunies. 30% thanks to the word of mouth, but also to friends and readers of the blog. I don’t read guides any more, to give my own point of view, which is completely subjective and not universal !
I’m writing and trying totally independtly, I never answer the invitations and always pay the bill !

MissaParis : You’re writing on your blog that you go more to the restaurant than you write. What are your criteria of selection ? Aude : The first criterion is that we feel well : welcome, decoration, service. If the decoration is awful but the service great, it can compensate. The good value for money is also very important.
To conclude we must have had a nice time and not having indigestion when you have to pay the bill !

MissaParis : If I advice the readers of MissaParis to go on the website Resto-de-Paris to find the best plate (in addition of the good ideas of restaurants of MissaParis of course!) would you have ONE good address to advise ?
Aude : Only one ? That’s a difficult question ! Among those I tried recently, the Japonese restaurant Le Shiki, in Boulogne [article to come], is fabulous. The restaurant is ugly but the service exceptional and with a good value for the money (menu at 30€).

MissaParis : And to unadvise ?
Aude : Two addresses come to my mind : Le Café de l’Homme, where the service is destable and Matsuri, that is bad and expensive !

MissaParis : Thanks for these (un)advise ! Anyhow, I can imagine that you have a restaurant you would like to try but where you haven’t had the opportunity to go to yet ?
Aude : Yes, the Chateaubriand, avenue Parmentier. All the media spoke about it, a lot of friends and readers also advised it to me. But I have heard too much of it. That kind of restaurant doesn’t need publicity, they often are crowded and a reservation is often resquested. Moreover, that is like a movie you would have heard too much about, you fear to be disappointed.
There is another place where I would like to eat : the Jules Verne, the restaurant of the Eiffel Tower, but that’s already more utopian…
[For sure, the menu costs 200€!]

MissaParis : Except these projects of new restaurants to try, what are those of the blog ?
Aude : I’m currently working on many projects, and also on the one to make the blog bigger…

MissaParis : Which means ?
Aude : You’ll see ! [Answer in a few weeks !] 

MissaParis : Finally, what is your favorite place in Paris ?
Aude : That is very cliché and very Parisian but the view of the Eiffel Tower from the Bir Hakeim Bridge, with all the traditional lights…

Thousands thanks to Aude for the interview ! (And to M. Q – I guess – I could hear on the phone !)
For more information, the best is to go on her blog Resto-de-Paris : click here.

Photo : Resto-de-Paris.com

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  1. Rien a dire ça m’as donné faim tout ça !!!
    Alors Miss Paris je compte sur toi pour m’emmener au resto quand je remonte sur Paris et surtout fait moi redécouvrir cette ville magique !!!

    Miss P / Reply
  2. Yep j’étais en embuscade dans le canapé.
    Merci pour l’itv.

    Mr Q / Reply
  3. quand 2 blogueuses se parlent…

    Pourrait il y avoir une association?

    Bénédicte / Reply

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