the match of the Italian restaurants : “Il Teatro” vs “Pizza del Navona”

Friday 17th June : two Italian restaurants tested on the same day. one approved, the other note. Here is the details of the match…

1. The Quality : One point for both
“Il Teatro” serves savoury and gourmande pizzas, attractive tartares and Milanese escalopes which are too.
At the “Pizza del Navona”, certain meals are a little more simple (such as the pasta Primavera with little vegetables but well served), others are a little more sophisticated like the escalope Saltimbaca (with a delicious mushroom sauce).

2. The Service : One point for “Pizza del Navona”
Deplorable, this is the word which suits the best for “Il Teatro” : 20 minutes before ordering, one hour before being served… whereas the others of the table (served 10 minutes before), had already finished their plate… A waiter who doesn’t apologize, who forgets water, bread and to serve us.
And the boss who checks with his hands if the pizza is not burnt…
Happily the waiters of the “Pizza del Navona”are smiling, pleasant, serviceable and have sense of humour. The service is quick and nice, nothing to say !

3. The Price : One point for “Pizza del Navona”
The prices at “Il Teatro” are expensive for the size of the pizza, smaller than the plate (13 to 15 €).
In the contrary, you must pay nearly 10€ for a pizza at the “Pizza del Navona”, 8 to 10€ for pasta and around 12€ for an excalope with a big portion of spaghettis.
The “Pizza del Navona” is the big winner of this match with 3 points against only 1 for “Il Teatro”.
Big deception for this last one, and little coup de coeur for the first one !

Le Pizza del Navona
60, avenue des Gobelins 75013 Paris
Tél. : 01 43 31 22 96

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Il Teatro
28 Rue Pépinière, 75008 Paris
Phone : 01 45 22 33 27

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  1. Je vais tester ça !
    Je connais moi même un excellent resto italien dans le 10ème, Tesoro d’Italia, il se trouve rue de Paradis, la cuisine y est excellente et peu chere, je le recommande vivement.

    Guillaume / Reply

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