The Café "Les Rosiers", like at home.

A friend had spoken to me about this café saying that I “absolutely” had to go there ! I passed in front of it once, but I hadn’t entered, the window was a little dowdy and didn’t attract me very much.

A few weeks later, the same friend organised a little party in this café. No way to escape again !

And I have to admit that I haven’t been disappointed. Well the style is quite old-fashioned, “rustic” to be more chic. Old wood tables, an old bar, a little used curtains… But where did he bring us ?!

And then Madame Sakhoun Dagarian comes on and instantaneously makes me change my mind. With the softness of a mummy, she asks me with a sincere smile : “so my darling, what can I bring to you?”.

I think I am adopted… and that I have adopted the places ! Once sat on the banquette, quite confortable well yes, I am brought a wine glass. And in this wine glass, white wine with violet. An acid color which warms up and a sweet taste on my lips.

The party is going on, we are ten and almost the only customers in the café. The place is small, but warmful.

Finally, we stay for dinner. Normally they close at 8:30 am. But when there are people, they remain open…

At the carte, no farandoles of original delicacies but simple and traditionnal dishes which smell good and yummy !

Beef bourguignon, blanquette of veal, lamb shanks ? That’s simmering in the pot !

We feel like at home…

On a little notice is written “it is forbidden not to finish your plate” ; who says we were not going to finish it ?!!

Well well, it is alreay 11 pm… I spent an excellent evening with friends, in the only lively place in the rue des rosiers, in the middle of the Marais, what else ?

Oh yes, I really would like another white wine glass with violet !

Café Les Rosiers
Madame Sakhoun Dagarian
2, rue des Rosiers 75 004 Paris
Phone : +33 (0) 1 48 87 94 09
Metro Saint-Paul.

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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  1. j’ai lu ce message avec un peu de nostalgie et avec beaucoup de plaisir.

    Il y a des moments ou on doit pas adopter quelque chose, et juste se laisser adopter.

    j’ai rien à ajouter sauf : “Ah si, je prendrais bien un autre kir à la violette !”

    AEZ / Reply
  2. je connaissais le kir au mimosa, il me manque celui là!

    Bénédicte / Reply
  3. AH le kir à la violette…
    Le gâteau au chocolat…

    ET les ” ma chérie” de la patronne, quand elle s’adresse aux clientes!!!
    UN super moment encore une fois avec missaparis

    Bénédicte / Reply
  4. Thanks for this recommendation! We really enjoyed this place. We had two dinners at Evelyne’s Cafe Les Rosiers. At the first glance, this place did not seem much promising – it is a small place with somewhat old furniture, without a website, or for that matter even a formal menu card. Everyday specials are scribbled on a blackboard in French. You will realize what makes this place special when you start a conversation with the owner and chef Evelyne. Evelyne is a very friendly and informal hostess and puts you at ease at once. We ordered coq au vin, salmon and steak on the first day; all three dishes were delicious. The salmon was cooked in a white sauce with some herbs, and the coq au vin was served with homestyle boiled potatoes. The best part was that we could request a special dish for our next day’s dinner. We have been keen to taste the traditional Beef Bourguignon, but none of the commericalized fancy restaurants offered this traditional french dish. We asked Evelyne whether she could prepare Beef Bourguignon for us; she gladly agreed to add this dish to the next day’s dinner menu. So we landed up the next day again at the same place for our dinner. My wife and I ordered the much anticipated Beef Bourguignon, my two sons ordered Tajine Chicken and Veal stew (blanquette de veau). All the dishes were delicious. The beef in the Bourguignon was tender and immersed in a thick brown gravy, not a drop of which remained in the plates by the time we finished the dinner. My son who ordered the Tajine loved it despite the fact that he has never been a couscous fan; he gave a 10/10 rating for his Tajine and wiped his plate clean. Evelyn’s homestyle desserts were also a hit with my family. In fact, we found her desserts to be better than the fares at some of the fancy patisseries. Over the two days we had floating egg whites in custard (I believe the French name is Iles Flonttantes), Lemon Meringue Pie and Creme Brulee, all of which were much appreciated. This is definitely a place that we plan to go back to on our next visit. By the way, the price of the dinner was less than 20 euros per person including dessert and wine!

    Manoj Thomas / Reply
    • Dear Thomas, I am glad you appreciated this place. I really fell in love with this little café and recommend it to everyone who agrees with discovering not only the Parisian fancy places but also the simple and cosy ones !

      missaparis / (in reply to Manoj Thomas) Reply

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