“La Penderie”, the restaurant which threads the good meals !

All started with an invitation to a “Parisian Bloggers” Party : curious and gourmande, I go with a big pleasure !

Gathered at the first floor here we are eating several delicious meals cooked for the occasion : caramel crème brûlée, mini hamburgers, little biscuits with nutella and cream, and my favorite one, the poetically entitled “L’Amour en cage” [The Love in cage], with an hibiscus flower which can be softly eaten at the end of the glass…

This first nice step was not enough. I needed a second round. 2 days later…

An unexpected diner, a table inside (the terrasse was already full of people, not 2 months after the opening, what a success !) : we try “L’Amour en cage” again. Delicious. A great piece of red meat, French fries (not home-made ones, a pity), served on a chopping-board. A little raw, we like it.

Especialy in this decor where each detail counts : “La Penderie” finds its theme with the sewing. Old Singer sewing-machines and spinning wheels as tables, spools of thread dummies…  a big bravo for the decoration !

And little icing on the cake a café gourmand… very gourmand !

Finally we are brought the bill 1) with a smille (and that is very pleasant !) 2) with a little jar of sweets.

The “old” atmosphère, the sweets, the cuisine comme ) la maison… we have the impression to be at Granny’s !

A good point for the restaurant I recommend.

Restaurant La Penderie
17 rue Etienne Marcel 75001 Paris
Tél : 01 42 33 83 65

Cocktail  6€
Main meals around 15€

Photo : @La Penderie

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  1. Le thème semble chouette et ça donne envie!

    claire / Reply

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