The Mezcaleria, the underground bar of the 1K hotel

When you arrive in front of the hotel 1K Boulevard du Temple, it is hard to imagine an underground bar behind the chic storefront. A “Mezcaleria” pronounced with a Spanish and cheeky accent is our sesame. A young woman with a knowing smile accompanies us within the kitchen to finally end in a small room with an amazing decoration. A huge cross is suspended from the ceiling, only a few neon lights are on. Two wooden mannequins with a skull dominated by a large hat are watching us from two corners of the place. A theater is filled with figures straight out from a Mexican “Nightmare Before Christmas”. Behind the bar, it’s going crazy ! Mezcal, which is a brandy agave, flows. Our Mexi Zombies finally arrive : on top of a small glass jar filled with the famous beverage is placed a shell of passion fruit in which alcohol is blazing. Get caught with alcoholic and musical frangrances of this clandestine bar … which is actually not that much !

The Mezcaleria,
13 boulevard du Temple 75003 Paris

Metro Oberkampf and Filles du Calvaire


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