Exclusive interview of Julie de Waroquier : a new photographic discovery in Paris

MissaParis makes you discovered a young artist full of talents who exhibs her photographs in Paris  next week.
The photographic evasions of Julie de Waroquier, I discovered them on the web (thanks T!) last Thursday night : I see the date of the Parisian exhibition imminent, I contact Julie by email, she answers in an hour, I send her my questions and receive her answers the morning after.
That’s what we call an interview quicky concluded but well concluded !

Here is the evidence…

MissaParis : Hi Julie, I discovered your photos on DeviantArt then on your own website. But could you tell us more about you ?
Julie de Waroquier : I am student in philosophy and almost 22, and I discovered photo 4 years ago ; I fell into that, and I can’t get out from it any more !

MissaParis : What does photography represent for you : a passion, a job… ?
Julie de Waroquier : A semi-job we could ; I have a status of auto-entrepreneur which enables me to realize diverse prestations. But that is before all a passion which takes more and more place in my life and which has brought me to do it as a semi-profession !

MissaParis : Could you describe your universe and your inspirations?
Julie de Waroquier : That’s a mix of surrealism and fairytale ; the all is a quite feminine and melancholy fantasizing. my inspirations, this is a little all what I can meet ; but I think that I draw my ideas from my childhood readings.

MissaParis : An article was published about you and your work in the magazine « Compétence Photo » and dealt with your “dreamlike realities”. Throw light us on… you are photographying to show the reality, to make us dreamed or is it a little more complicated than that ?
Julie de Waroquier : This is a little of everything. I am not in a realistic way, because U thinks that to see the reality, I just have to go in the streets or watch the news on TV. I prefer giving a poetic view of the world, showing symbols than facts, characters than people. From there we can simply escape or see a thought on the human spirit, on his desires, his fears, his dreams… there are several levels of interpretation.

MissaParis : You exhibit your photos in Paris from June 16th to 18th in the frame of the exhibition « L’enfance hors des clichés »  (“The childhood outside the clichés”) for the benefits of the association Make a Wish. Could you tell us more ?
Julie de Waroquier : I have been contacted recently to participate in this exhibition/sale ; the principle is to exhibit photos from different photographers on the theme of childhood. The sale profits will be for the association Make a Wish, which helps to realize the wishes of children affected by serious diseases. I have found this project beautiful, I have always loved the goal of this association, so I immediately accepted.

MissaParis : Speak a little of you ! You are from Lyon, aren’t you ?
Julie de Waroquier : Exactement !

MissaParis : And you exhibit in Paris… For which reason do you usually come to Paris ? For exhibs or other photo events ? Or perhaps to di some tourism… ?
Julie de Waroquier : All my family is from Paris, so I often come simply to visit them. But that’s more and more linked to the photography, for instance in last November I participated in a collective exposition a the Salon de la Photo, and that wad an new occasion to come to Paris.

MissaParis : What do you love in Paris and what do you dislike ?
Julie de Waroquier : I love the atmosphere of this town, and the fact in each street corner there is a monument ; I have also the impression to arrive in a new city in each new quarter, so different they are. But as a true provincial, I would say that Paris is too big, almost oppressive for me.

MissaParis : Do you have a place you like in the capitale or you could advise us ?
Julie de Waroquier : I had a crush for the Park of the Buttes Chaumont during my last visit…

MissaParis : Thanks Julie ! A last word for the readers of MissaParis?
Julie de Waroquier : Don’t hesitate to go the exposition, the other participants have an incredible talent which deserves to be seen !

So go to this expo-sale for the profit of the association Make a Wish form June 16th to 18th 2011 at the Photo Originale Gallery.

Galerie Photo-Originale
24 rue Molière 75001 Paris
01 42 57 21 90

For more information about the exposition, click here and there to go on the website of Julie de Waroquier.

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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  1. Ce qu’on appelle un joli découvert!
    Merci MissaParis!
    je laisserai un commentaire plus détaillé aprés avoir vu l’expo! 😉

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