Interview of MissaParis… by MissaParis ! (100th article!)

And if, for the 100th article of this blog, MissaParis had the crazy idea to interview… MissaParis ?!

A mirror interview to learn more about the blog, its creation and its next projects…
Thinking of it, who can speak better about MissaParis… than MissaParis ?!

MissaParis : 100th article ?
MissaParis : Yes, already ! I can remember me writing the 1st article, on January 1st, 8 months ago. And here is the 100th article…

MissaParis : Come back a little on the creation of the blog. How was born the first idea ?
MissaParis : I discovered the “blogging” 2 years ago when I lived abroad for 6 months. When I came back, writing, discovering and specially making people discovered have missed me a lot. Upon the advice of  some of my friends, I did it again, but this time to make the capital (re)discovered ! And make me rediscovered it again !

MissaParis : How do the ideas come to you ?
MissaParis : I have no precise plan. The ideas come with the new people I meet and the envy. A pleasant place, a nice restaurant, a good address, unexpected meetings in the street or during a dinner… I write in the course of the opportunities which appear by chance or by audacity !

MissaParis : Which regard do you have on the 99 articles of the blog ?
MissaParis : Each article – story, good tips, photo… – is part of a story, the one I live everyday in the Ville Lumière (Light City) and which enables me to appreciate this city always more.
99 articles, that can be seen as a lot of ones ! But there are so much more things to discover, to write on and especially to make you discovered !

MissaParis : And, what are your following projects ?
MissaParis : Three interviews are coming, as different as interesting, with people who are part of what the capital represents for me : a melting-pot of people from different areas but gathered in only one city and that make a little of what Paris is nowadays, a city full of richness. But more than everything, more ideas to go out, good addresses, stories, pictures… More of Paris, just simply !

MissaParis : And what can we which you for the future ?
MissaParis : That a maximum of web-readers – from Paris, France and everywhere else – like the blog. That it enables me to keep sharing and travelling in Paris. Because the blogosphere is a little of that, isn’t ? The possibility to travel from one universe to another in remaining behind your screen ?

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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  1. Congratulations on your first 100, and good luck for the next century! Keep it up :-)

    Sab / Reply
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  3. Super! Félicitations! Que de travail, que de passion! J’essayerai de me tenir au courant de tes activités et la prochaine fois que je viens à PAris je sais où m’inspirer pour les bons plans!



    Noha / Reply
  4. Un 100e article interrressant et original, une chose est sur avec ton imagination et ton talent ce blog ne va cesser d’aller plus loin encore…
    succès garantis !!!

    Miss P / Reply

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