Helmut Newton in the place of honor at Grand Palais

Until June 17th takes place the “Helmut Newton” exhibition at the Grand Palais. A nice homage to this Vogue photographer. A mix of pictures of fashion, of naked, of celebrities. Black and white, colors. Chic and shock pictures where woman has the full powers.

A gréât exhibition where we pass from photos to photos, where the two opposate walls emphsize full-length portaits of naked women.

But this is a pity that hardly forty-five minutes are enough to do the tour of the exhibition…

Exposition Helmut Newton – Until June 17th 2012
Grand Palais
3, avenu du Général Eisenhower 75008 Paris

Photo : http://media.paperblog.fr

Agrandir le plan

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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