"To have a quick dip" next to the Jardin du Luxembourg

“Dip’s” is the name of the restaurant I tested on last Saturday. Why do I advise it to you ? For the following reasons :

1. For the place : just next to the Jardin du Luxembourg and the Panthéon, this restaurant is easy to find and enables to continue the night in a pub in Saint-Michel, at a few hundred meters from there.

2. For the atmosphere : cosy, warmful, the atmosphere is relaxed. Little jazzy background music, little round seats, square tables for more intimacy, menus written on the slate, and big smile on the waiters’ faces.

3. For the products : only fresh ones ! Carrots and courgettes look like real vegetables and not products coming from the freezer. French fries are home-made ones, from real potatoes. And the deserts have the taste of those made by our grand-mothers…

4. For the concept : at the “Dip’s”, we “dip ! From the starters to the desert, you choose your sauce that is brought in a little glass in which you put your food. Sauces, I remind you, that are home-made and come from the imagination of the house owner !

My suggestions (or the yummy suggestions of MissaParis) : After the sticks of vegetables and the home-made cocktail for the aperitif, I advise you the noix de Saint-Jacques and the “fraicheur de fêta”, the all served with little steam-cooked vegetables and the famous French fries like my Grand-ma’s ones, served with the garlic white sauce.

For desert, the small cakes with the chocolate sauce. I have also tested the waffle with the same chocolate sauce, and its softiness which would please to more than one gourmand !

Le Dip’s
62, rue Monsieur le Prince
75 006 Paris
Phone: +33 (0)1 43 29 05 04

Menus :
– 13 € for lunch
– 20 € for dinner : cocktail + meal + desert
– 24 € for dinner : cocktail + starter + meal + desert

Ps: A big thanks to my Framboise for this nice discovery !

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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  1. Alors dimanche 13 Mars j’ai testé… TRÈS BON!!


    Je met une bonne note

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