What about gardening ? Find you “shared garden” in Paris

In Paris we walk, we saunter, we pass in front of restaurants thinking we will have to test one day, bars we will have to test too, but also gardens full of fruits and vegetables. And we also reflect that in Paris we can also (re) discover nature, enjoy the ground and see the things NA-TU-RAL-LY ! And here we imagine ourselves, once or twice a week, with a spade or a rake in the hand, a smile on our lips, sowing seeds, reaping the benefits of our hard but pleasant work, and already seeing ourselves cooking the potatoes and carrots from the garden. Ah, gardening in Paris… A nice mocking to all the “I-don’t-like-Paris-it’s-grey-and-it-misses-green” !
But you passed dizains of times in front of those gardens called “shared ones” without having put a feet in yet.

Before wearing your perfect Parisian gardener uniform, have a look to this list on the website Paris.fr : more than fifty shared gardens are only waiting for you !
If Paris is quite well “gardens” furnished, this is particularly in the East and in the South that are most of the “shared ones”. But don’t worry to a few stations is certainly the one which will wake the gardener who sleeps in you !

For more information go on the two websites : Paris.fr and jardinons-ensemble.org

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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  1. Quoi de plus sympa que de récolter et cuisiner sa propre récolte…
    Qui plus est en plein Paris, je suis bien d’accord!!!

    Bénédicte / Reply

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