Discoveries of the Ramadan Nights

I have just come back from a nice trip from the orient, or perhaps in Paris. We don’t know really any more. A tasty mix cultural, culunary and musical mix to make your papilla and your ears wagged !

Where ? At the l’Institut des Cultures de l’Islam, 19 rue de Léon, in the 18th arrondissement.

When ? Tonight, on Septembre 10th 2010, for the end of the Ramadan.

Who ? Jean-Claude Carrière (storyteller, writer and scriptwriter), Abed Azrie (singer and composer) and Jeanne Cherhal (singer).

And us, the public coming from various cultures…

What ? An Oriental and French dinner cooked by the Stéphane Dubreil and Frédéric Bocquet, and show interpreted by the trio of artists quoted above.

Some details about this savoury combination :

The first one between culture and music : a wonderful reading of “Majnoun Layla au Fou d’Elsa”, with the sound of the arabic words of Abed Azrie, of the strong voice of Jean-Claude Carrière and the crystalline one of Jeanne Cherhal, of the strings and the accordion.

When the public is quiet and is enjoying this pure moment of serenity of culture share.

The second one between culture and cuisine : à la carte, an entire Arabic and French meal calling for sharing and gourmandise !

A sirop of roots and spicies, a broth embellished with nine ingredients with your table neighbours, a common plate of veal with rose jam and spinach and milk and simolina, to share and to eat with the hands (that is not an easy thing for the Western people used to eat with a knif and a fourch !) and a delicious chocolate cream with orange (I can still feel the taste !). e

A perfect night of discoveries and sharing, with the kiss of the chef and of Jeanne Cherhal !

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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  1. Et bè! J’aurai aimé être à tes côtés! Quel plaisir de voir que le mélange des cultures est encore possible! Un grand bravo pour ton article! Et hâte de lire la suite!

    Noha / Reply
    • Merci Noha !
      Et oui, c’était un grand moment de partage culturel, musical et culinaire, aussi bien grâce aux participants qu’au public.
      C’est un peu ma vision utopique de Paris… qui ne l’était pas ce soir en tout cas !

      missaparis / (in reply to Noha) Reply
  2. Un article qui arrive à point dans un contexte où la montée de l’islamophobie fait la une de la presse nationale et internationale.

    Merci Missaparis!

    Nadé / Reply

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