How celebrating Halloween in Paris ?

Halloween is tomorrow. Vous haven’t planned anything yet and need ideas ? Here are some picked here and there and which will help you to make this 31st October… terrific !

– For a festive Halloween, choose an amusement park :  Parc Astérix or Disneyland, question of taste !

– To danse/club, go to the Divan du Monde or at the Batofar for the Halloween Horror Show !

– For dinner/dinks, I advise you the Café des Rosiers, tested many times : good ambiance and conviviality assured !
Or also the Hard Rock Café, for children and adults.

– to quake go the Manoir de Paris to face demons and witches or to the cinema watch the last Paranormal Activity

– … or you can also go to see the last Burton, Frankenweenie and continue with the Strange Christmas of Mister Jack.

– Organize an unexpected party and ask your friends (or neighbors) to wear their most horrible costume (the most frightening or the most “chocking”).

– Organize a horror movies party at hom : choose two or three movies – or more if you are awake -, text your friends, buy a lot of popcorn.

– Prepare an orange picnic (carrot cake, pumpkin soup, salad of oranges…), cloak yourself, sit down on a bench on the Pont Neuf, enjoy your Halloween meal watching the prettiest Parisian monsters/costumes.

– Walk around in the little streets in the Marais during nighttime, hoping to see a witch flying over the Parisian roofs.

– Dress up a pumpkin and take a picture of yourself in front of all the Paris monuments in the Amélie Poulain style.

– You prefer a conter-party ? Re-watch all the Disney movies, organize a belote party, go to see La Traversée at the cinema… or I am sure you will find another idea as “non-frightening” as mine !

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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