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The Foyer de la Madeleine – by Elise (400th article!)

Located under Madeleine Church, the Foyer de la Madeleine is an original place. We come to have lunch and to enjoy the beauty of the place, but also to make a good action. Le principle is simple : run by volunteers, the Foyer offers good and cheap meals in the in the archeds caves of the Madeleine. The money raised is donated to the persons in need...

“Who was the Père Lachaise ?”

"The Confessor of Louis XVI. He had an apartment in the house of the Jesuits located on the current place of the cemetery".

"Connaissez-vous Paris ?" Raymond Queneau

« Pisser à Paris » [Pee in Paris]: Claude Lussac and Nathalie Marx show us an unexpected Paris !

« Pisser à Paris » [Pee in Paris]. The title caught me at the first reading. Audacious, direct and explicit. If this last one is unequivocal, that book is more than a simple guide of the best free Parisian restrooms. When the two authors go back on the backstage of « Pisser à Paris », over drinks in a pub of the XIth arrondissement, it is to speak about a true meeting...