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HIP-HOP : the perfect exhibition at the Institut du Monde Arabe

I recommend this perfect exhibition whose scenography was created by Akhenaton, the leader of the French rap band. It is complete and  playful. It mixes pictures, sounds, emblematic pieces, videos... and smartly explains the origins of the movement born in 1973 in the Bronx.

Hip-hop is not only a music style using soul and funk rythmes, but also a kind of dance, a way of thinking, a true way of living...

“Paris seen by Hollywood” : the exhibition to visit before it’s too late !

Paris + Hollywood in the same sentence: we go immediately! After a queue which finally is not so long in front of the Mairie de Paris (Saturday morning 9:30, 30 minutes before the official opening), after having blocked everybody because of a hairgrip which made troubles at the security checkpoint, here we are, finally !

What about visiting an exhibition… ? (N°3)

With the beginning of this big cold, what about visiting an exhibition ? To warm yourself up in front of warm colored paintings, photographs which won't let you cold... Here are some ideas for your next weekends...