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“Paris seen by Hollywood” : the exhibition to visit before it’s too late !

Paris + Hollywood in the same sentence: we go immediately! After a queue which finally is not so long in front of the Mairie de Paris (Saturday morning 9:30, 30 minutes before the official opening), after having blocked everybody because of a hairgrip which made troubles at the security checkpoint, here we are, finally !

How celebrating Halloween in Paris ?

Halloween is tomorrow. Vous haven't planned anything yet and need ideas ? Here are some picked here and there and which will help you to make this 31st October... terrific !

- For a festive Halloween, choose an amusement park :  Parc Astérix or Disneyland, question of taste !

- To danse/club, go to...

The Parisian Cinema : Summer 2012 Version

Summer in Paris ? That is CI-NE-MA ! Now that the sun has come back we Parisians are ready to crunch the Parisians nights with big screens and picnics on the grass. A little like the American rive-in theatres, some events offer to make us (re)discover cinema classics and more recent successful movies...