Saturday walking at the Marché Saint-Pierre…

Who has never heard – at least once – about the Marché Saint-Pierre ? You ? I don’t believe it !

I admit, I myself discovered this great place only a few weekend ago… Here are my advice to discover this place in the best conditions :

1. Wake up early.
You think you are going to spend one or two hours for the first time ? It was I thought ! But there are so any things to discover and to look at that the three or four hours or more are not surprising !

2. Forecast the good weather.
Even if the marché actually is a group of several covered shops, a blue sky and a shining sun is an incontrovertible advantage to pass from one shop to another and to enjoy your time.

3. Have your eyed opened and the hands curious.
The Marché Saint-Pierre, this color, red, yellow, green, and hundreds of different materials,openworked, bright, matt… your eyes are amazed by each new tissu bolt. You have hardly discovered this beautiful tartan fabric before you looked at the black silk. Look, taffeta ! And muslin… And hundreds of buttons which make you imagined thousand and one dress… There are from all the colors, the shapes, you juste have to choose…

As you must understand, it is better to have the eyes big opened to enjoy the show !
But your hands are also part of it ! Looking is good, touching is better ! From the softness of this charcoal-grey drape which will be transformed in a duvet cover to this thicker tartan tissu which under your fingers – and with your imagination – will transform in a little pleated skirt… or even this incredibly soft velvet… close your eyes and pass your hand along each bolt of tissue, as a forbidden pleasure. The Marché Saint-Pierre is done to increase your imagination and your creative sense and to make you happy only in enjoying the colors and the materials under your fingers.

4. Be patient.
Because the market is actually several shops : the Marché Saint-Pierre, Reine, and several other shops from one to six floors ! And impossible to be tempted by the first tissue. The best is to compare, touch, look… and the most difficult is to remember where we saw the best piece !
And when you found it (again), you may have to wait a little for a saler who will measure, cut the famous meter of tissue.

5. Like the hot -dogs.
After this good walking, I advise you to sit quietly at the café just face to the Sacré-Coeur, and eat greedily a maxi hot-dog with cheese (or rather cheese with hot-dog !) enjoying the view, looking at the passing people, and telling yourself that was a sacred good morning and you hope the weekend will keep being as good as that !

Big thanks to Mademoiselle C. for this great discovery !

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Agrandir le plan

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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