At the Terminus Café, Saint-Lazare station,that is chic and cosy even in the plate !

I passed in front of it hundreds of times and many years passed before I tested this restaurant.
Red velvet, bright lights, low words, fork noises, some roars of laughter, an old woman – maybe a regular – is getting asleep in front of her plate, the pampering waiters, the crawfish salad which is very attractive at the first sight, the meals decorated with taste and originality, the out of time atmosphere…
The Terminus if far from being it and in the contrary is the beginning of a little trip, in “orient-express” mode, where everything is chic and cosy.
An excellent restaurant, unmistakably.

Le Terminus
108, rue Saint Lazare 75008 Paris
Téléphone : +33 (0) 1 40 08 43 30

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  1. As tu compté le nombre de restos que tu as testé ?

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