Actor at the Gaîté Lyrique, the new Parisian attraction

I have just come back from the inauguration of the Gaîté Lyrique, a new place dedicated to the digital arts (music, video games, conferences, concerts…).

For the opening is installed the UVA (United Visual Artists) exhibition which makes the visitor the actor of the event : the installations (cameras, mirrors, lights) enable us to play with the sounds the lights. A nice introduction for this place which wants to be innovative and where is the space is a priviledged playground for our senses.

An unexpected sensory visit in Paris. To discover.

Le Gaîté Lyrique
3 bis rue Papin
75 003 Paris

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  1. Autant que je me souvienne, à cet emplacement figurait un théâtre qui s’appelait “LA GAITE LYRIQUE” spécialisé dans les opérettes. C’était le lieu ou se produisait le couple MERKES-MERVAL .
    Dernier point à préciser : doit-on dire LE ou LA ?

    PAPY / Reply

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