Tante Juliette and her little good food !

Tante Juliette is a little caterer where stalls are full of home-made meals : quiches with broccoli, potatoes-duck, vegetable soup of the day directly coming from the casserole, salad to create by yourself with crudités, cheese, chicken and you choose the sauce – oil, balsamic or light ?

You can also do the choixe of the traditional cuisine : sausage-purée, white fish-little vegetables, blanquette of veal, stuffed tomatoes…

Finally, it will be stewed apples and tarts for desert.

Tante Juliette is not only in your plate ! Entering the shop, with the tables covered by an oilcloth and the yellowed pictures on the walls, we are almost expecting her to go out from her kitchen… .

You have to taste it !

Little disappointed however : the quiches – despite they are really tasty – are always the same, and new savoury would be appreciated !

Menus from 8.60 € … and you can even book on the internet clicking here !

3 addresses in Paris next to the Opera, but I advise you this one :  23 rue d’Antin, 75 002 Paris.

Photo : http://www.tante-juliette.fr

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  1. Scoop ! Tante Juliette existe vraiment ! Il s’agit de la mère (ou de la tante ou la cousine, je ne sais plus très bien !) d’un ami photographe des deux associés.
    Il n’est pas donc peut être pas impossible de la voir débarquer un jour…
    Scoop ! Tante Juliette does exist ! She is the mother (or the aunt or the cousin, I don’t know any more) of a photographer friend of the two partners.
    Maybe this is not impossoble to see her arrived one day…

    missaparis / Reply
  2. J’ai été rendre visite pas plus tard qu’hier à tante Juliette.
    Je confirme on y mange bien!
    Ambiance très sympa,surtout quand on y est avec missaparis…

    bénédicte / Reply
  3. j’avais oublié, pendant et après le repas on discute en toute simplicité avec la cuisinière.

    Tout simplement incroyable!!!

    bénédicte / Reply

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