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The umbrellas of Paris…

Paris under the rain. The umbrellas move in the colorful dance under the heavy drops which keep falling...

Culinary Asian travel at the Tang Opéra.

The Tang Opera is a Chinese restaurant which, as its name says, is at the Opera. In the plate - and with the chopsticks - you will taste delicious traditional Chinese, Cambodian, Vietnamese and Thai meals. Nothing original but good and delicate Asian food in a warmful place.

Tante Juliette and her little good food !

Tante Juliette is a little caterer where stalls are full of home-made meals : quiches with broccoli, potatoes-duck, vegetable soup of the day directly coming from the casserole, salad to create by yourself with crudités, cheese, chicken and you choose the sauce - oil, balsamic or light ?

The Patata Café of Opéra

As its name says, at the Patata Café, we eat... potatoes ! ! But be carreful, not only simple ones, that, we can do it at home ! Nice and big potatoes baked according to your taste : smoked salmon with cream, beef and crushed tomatoes, three cheeses, fondue of courgettes with cheese au gratin... to please all the taste buds !

The Cap Breton : the Britain in Paris !

Cap on Britain !! Failing the sea air, the restaurant Le Cap Breton offers a little culinary trip in Britain with its delicious salted crêpes (meat, roquefort, coquelicot, tulipe...) and desert ones (chocolate banana, caramel...)