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The unknown Paris of the Tuesday afternoon

Like most of the Parisians, I know better the Paris of the weekend, the Paris full of the Sunday tourists, crowded, of the subway full at each hour of the day... Yesterday, incredible experience ! I discovered Paris from another view, on a Tuesday afternoon. The empty streets, the desert subway, but where are all the Parisians ? On Tuesday afternoon, Paris is the tourists'...

"Meeting with Alain Kremski, Parisian and World Pianist"

And if I said that Paris had once again given me the priviledge to have a nice meeting ? That is in the musical Paris, at a concert during the Romantika Festival that I discovered Monsieur Alain Kremski. Musician, composer, pianist and percussionnist gone to discover Asia, this Parisian passionate in arts has taken time to answer MissaParis' questions.

La Conciergerie / The Conciergerie

La Conciergerie reste connue pour avoir été la prison de Marie-Antoinette durant la Révolution Française. Construite au Xème siècle,...