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The Christmas list of MissaParis

Christmas is in 4 days. You haven't finished or started your purchase yet. Panic gains you. And that is understandable, isn't it ? And if I told you that MissaParis may help you ? Upon the idea of a constant reader, MissaParis gives you her suggestions of first or last resort for presents not like the others and which will have their little effect !

Paris paralyzed by the snow…

Some flakes, and here is the capital paralyzed... hours to cover some kilometers by car, an assault course to walk some meters... You too, you had to held the fences in the street, do micro steps...

"The Parisian Running"

This is not a yearly marathon or a charitable running but the daily one as a good Parisian : the run after time.

"Brune Blonde" at the Cinémathèque

Current idea to go out : the exhibition "Brune Blonde" at the Cinémathèque. Movies, photographies, paintings and engravings about the female hair. Brunette or blonde ?

The unknown Paris of the Tuesday afternoon

Like most of the Parisians, I know better the Paris of the weekend, the Paris full of the Sunday tourists, crowded, of the subway full at each hour of the day... Yesterday, incredible experience ! I discovered Paris from another view, on a Tuesday afternoon. The empty streets, the desert subway, but where are all the Parisians ? On Tuesday afternoon, Paris is the tourists'...

Paris, the unconditional international one

What I like (among other things) in Paris, it's this is a city where you can meet people coming from all over the world, because they live here or because they visit the capital or because they come to visit Parisian friends or foreign ones living in Paris. Are you following me ?