Paris, the unconditional international one

What I like (among other things) in Paris, it’s this is a city where you can meet people coming from all over the world, because they live here or because they visit the capital or because they come to visit Parisian friends or foreign ones living in Paris. Are you following me?

Take an exemple. Tonight we were four people : a French, two Russians and a Hungarian. The Hungarian and the Russian met in Budapest, the French and the Russian in The Netherlands, the two Russians in Strasbourg and the other Russian and the French in Paris. And all this people were at the same table, enjoying nice French meals at the Café de l’industrie, speaking French, English and Russian. Are you still following me ? You aren’t ?

What you have to remember is that Paris is a city which is cospmopolitan, international, where the cultures mix, the meetings, sharings, conversations where questions and answers are not always given in the same language… it’s cliché ? Yes, but it’s Paris ! And it is what I like, dont’ you ?

Photo :

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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