“Moutarde” (Mustard), not the colonel but the restaurant !

If I tell you “Moutarde” (Mustard), don’t think Cluedo but rather condiment. That is in a lottle pot that you will find it on your plat with a burger full of a nice piece of meat and a cone of home-made French fries.

Hamburgers are declined in several styles : with goat cheese, vegetarian, with bacon… and a little salad for the balance !

Nice salads are also on the menu. The waiter will bring it in a close cylindrical pot he will shake before putting it delicately on your plate where will have been already placed big pieces of fresh tomatoes.

Put the all in a decor in the “American way” and you’ll get a fashion restaurant just next the Opera.

Hamburgers from 12,50€.

Restaurant Moutarde

23 boulevard des Italiens

75 002 Paris

Phone : 01 44 56 09 88

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  1. Alors là… Je suis tentée. Voir très tentée !!!

    Comparativement à d’autre, j’apprécie les hamburgers.

    Bénédicte / Reply

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