My pretty winter Paris

We can have felt it for a few days already : the big scarfs, the grey sky, the smoke coming from our mouthes, the enlighted and decorated windows in the galleries, the Marry Poppins music in the same windows, the Jungle Bells in the shops, the big colored packages we start seeing in the Parisians’ arms, the tinsels, the mittens, the Christmas trees and particularly the one decorated with cans of beer in the pub just next to my work, the frozen windscreens, the chappeds lips, the freezing cold which grips us when we leave home each morning, the night which arrives earlier and earlier, the shelters closed less and less late, the good chimney fire we imagine just here, in front of the sofa, the Advent calendars we’ll soon have to buy,  stalls full of chocolates just waiting for being eaten…

… and today the first flakes on the capital… winter is here, Christmas is coming !

The winter Paris is cold, freezing, dark and sometimes sunny, impatient to see again the spring rays of sunlight but in the same time charming, exciting and impatient to be totally covered with this so beautiful white coat which fits it like a glove !

My beautiful winter Paris…

Photo : La Tour Eiffel sous la neige, le 16 décembre 2009. (AFP, Fred Dutour)

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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