The Ô Restaurant : the biggest restaurant on water in Europe !

Ô is one of my recent gustative discoveries : beyond the gourmandise, the décor is unexpected.
A 600 square-meter barge makes us think to a big cold space without conviviality. Reality is different : as soon a you arrive you are welcome with big non-fake smiles, taken your coat, given a ticket.
The big room is very spacious but warmful in the same time : a white tablecloth, brut wood parquet, big windows with a view on the Seine, natural light which cleverly mixes with the more artificial ones coming from a few round and colored pendants.You are given a seat, near the big window ? Yes, perfect. The terrasse, it will be for next spring.
The waiter is pleasant, discret, does not do too much. We like it.

The menu is full, and the main meals proposed have nice  names which sound fresh. Now how to make a choice… ? You observe your neighbor, she is embarrassed too. The choice is going to be long. But we don’t make jokes about food !

Today it is light, only a main meal : Noix de coquilles Saint-Jacques seared and  sauce with smoked lardons and fresh gnocchi. The name has been carefully chosen, the meal is too.
A plate full of green sauce (spinach?) is brought. You taste it softly and shyly. Then you take a bigger mouthful, you enjoy it a lot. That is fine, soft, that moves the taste buds. Unexpected little lardons you wouldn’t have dared mix with the Saint-Jacques… but that works !

A cup of tea to terminate the lunch. You will test the desserts next time. When you will test the terrasse…

On the way out your coat is given back, still with a smile. Magazines are offered.

My impression ? Excellent ! For all the aspects. My envy ? To try this restaurant again !

Ô Restaurant
47, Quai Michelet-92300 Levallois-Perret

Open every day for lunch and dinner.
Main meals around 20/25 €, lunch menus main meal + dessert for 23€.

Photo : @ Ô Restaurant

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