“L’Hédoniste” : another gourmande address in the Montogueil quarter

I had alreday advised you “L’Epicerie“, Montorgueil street.
This time I decided to leave this big Parisian street to loose myself in the side little streets, those full of addresses less known but which become quickly known.
“L’Hédoniste” is part of them : with its sunshine terrasse when the sun is present, the good mood of the boss who puts us at our ease as soon as we enter his territory, the yummy smell which is escaping from the kitchens… .
There I tested the brandade and its fennel and the soup of red berries with macarons. And it was delicious !

I wish there was a little more in the plate… !

14, rue Léopold Bellan, 75002 Paris
M° Sentier or Chatelet/Les Halles
Phone : 01 40 26 87 33

Photo : www.lhedoniste.com

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