The Parisian desillusions in the press : the “Paris syndrome” and the “false” subway map

Today the press disenchants Paris!

For instance we learn on the BBC website that 12 Japanese a year are affected by the “Paris syndrome” and have to be repatriated cause of the shock of the deception ; there is even an hotline at the Japanese ambassy for the serious cultural shocks…

And that’s on a blog on Le Monde that we discover that the Paris subway map – as all the other capitals’ ones – are not geographically in keeping with the reality and that we would add 15% time to our trip because of this “mistake”…

A lot of desillusions on the capitale today !

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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  1. Oh mais il suffit d’aller faire un tour du côté du Canal Saint Martin et de boire un apéro en terrasse pour que toutes ces désillusions disparaissent !!

    Clo / Reply

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