The “Sous-Rire”, the coup de coeur gourmand of the rue Saint-Martin

The “Sous-Rire” is my coup de coeur gourmand of the moment !

Here are the reasons why I advise it to you :

The cuisine : delicious ! Simple, good, neither not too much nor not enough, just enough to make you wanted to come back.
As starter, crumble of tomatoes and goat cheese with honey. As a main meal, piece of beef meat with maitre d’hotel butter or pepper sauce, home-made potatoe purée.
Finally as a desert a cake of apricots with raspberry coulis. A délice !

The service : simple and pleasant, just like the cuisine. The boss is smiling, and his paternalistic tone with his trainee gives you the impression to feel at home.

The room : warmful, cosy and juste big enough to welcome the gourmands we are !

The show space in the basement : I did not have the luck to enjoy it, but the restaurant organizes animations and magic shows too…

The story of the restaurant : heard from the own mouth of the boss ! He had already another restaurant (today gis brother is in charge of it) and his waiters made jokes of him as he always insisted on the “smile”, always the smile !
At the opening of the restaurant the name “sourire” [smile] was already taken  and from that was born the idea of the pun “sous” [under] for the room downstairs and “rire” [laugh] to form the word “sous-rire”, this nice word which reflects so well this restaurant…

Finally, lasty point not to forget : the price !
24,5 € for a menu starter + main meal + desert + glass of wine (and good one !).
It will be 22€ with the website la fourchette ! (Big thanks to Mister T for the discovery !)

Le Sous-Rire
22 rue Saint Martin 75004 PARIS
Phone : +33 (0)1 40 27 85 28
Open every day except on Sunday.

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  1. C’était un plaisir !

    Mister T / Reply
  2. Ca à l’air vraiment sympatique ! Miam !!

    Miss Phoune / Reply

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