The metro 3, in a wagon named vintage…

I have just got in the metro 3, at the end station Levallois Bécon.
I hesitated bt finally came in this wagon out of time.
Are we really in 2012 ?
The seat are made in brown leather, tagged with a sky blue “kurl”, the beige linoleum slabs are stained and used , “2nd class” is written above the windows…
We are like transported 20 or 30 years before !
I arrive at Saint-Lazare, 2012 come back.
The flash-back has disappeared, and my vintage wagon with it…


Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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  1. Eh! oui un petit brin de nostalgie : un wagon des années 6o qui fait figure de “parent pauvre” aujourd’hui, mais les pannes étaient très rares malgré une fréquence équivalente et les gens qui montaient attendaient que tout le monde soit descendu avant de pénétrer à leur tour dans ce wagon qui était parfois autant “bondé” qu’actuellement (mais les sacs à dos en moins)

    Pierre / Reply
  2. Great MissaParis! How did you get in there?!!

    Sab / Reply
    • Thanks Sab ! It is a regular metro I took yesterday. Quite surprising, but always happy to live this kind of “Parisian experience” !!

      missaparis / (in reply to Sab) Reply

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