The Auberge du Pot de Terre or the importance to be patient

All starts with a party with friends : we just wanted to have diner in a quiet and cool place with a god value for money.

Instead of that we had to be patient, at all the levels…

1. The noisy room
In the basement we thought we could enjoy the calm necessary to a little party with friends. But you had the luck to have a 25-person table and the noise which goes with, and the voices which ring out between the stone walls and the tapestries, in this typical cellar of the restaurant.

2. The meals which don’t arrive
And that’s here we had to be patient. Arrived at 8:30 pm, left at 11:45 pm. And not because we were too talkative…
The order taken at 9:30 pm – that is to say one hour later -, the starters which arive at 10:30 pm (after a little argument with the boss we had to explain that after 2 hours waiting we were a little hungry), the meals which arrive and are retired while we were finishing them… And the deserts, finally…

3.  And the plates which are not as good as expected
Some get their money’s worth (plate of salmon, fish duo…), others not (poêlée of sea food…). 
And the “specialities” of the house were not so “special”…

After more thore than 3 hours at the restaurant, the stomach finally stuffed, the silence finally back, we leave the restaurant with the liquer offered… that’s something !

L’Auberge du Pot de Terre
22, rue du Pot de Fer 75005 Paris

Lunch menus from 11 € and 16,5 € for diner

Photo :

Agrandir le plan

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  1. Malgré cela, la soirée était quand même très sympa 😉

    Emilie / Reply
  2. Voyons le bon coté … Ça laisse du temps pour discuter

    Benedicte / Reply

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