“La Vie Parisienne” (The Parisian Life) by Offenbach, at the Musical Marsoulan Theater

All starts with a Christmas lift. A little surprised I discover two tickets for the “Vie Parisienne” in a bright red paper. Knowing only by the title I decide to go further and discover that this is an opéra bouffe created in 1866 -, first represented 265 consecutive times and the major piece piece by Offenbach.
A few days later, here we are in front of the Marsoulan Theater. In the middle of Paris this theater where only actors-singers play in musicals for children and grown-up looks like a family place where the regulars are waiting to enter under a pouring rain.
Once inside sat in quite comfortable sets, close to the stage, the pianist starts the first piece, the curtain is opening…

And here starts the show ! Songs, laughs, jokes, puns, stories about love, lovers and mistresses, like a Parisian vaudeville where like is full of surprises for the inhabitants and the capital visitors…

“La Vie Parisienne” is a breath of fresh air. The opéra bouffe which may appear as a little old-fashioned is not so much : in this little convivial theater in the 12th arrondissement we are brought a light wave coming from the 19th century and which fits a lot with 21th one !

I recommend you this show – played by a dynamic and quality company : a great moment about and in Paris !

Théâtre Musical Marsoulan
20 rue Marsoulan 75012 Paris

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