"The Parisian Running"

This is not a yearly marathon or a charitable running but the daily one as a good Parisian : the run after time.

It starts in the metro the morning : we are quietly walking when someone in the end of the corridor starts running. Little by little the others in front of you follow him. Then it’s your turn to start running. Why ? Because the others are running of course !

To finally realize, unbreathless, as your metro corridormates a few seconds before you, that it was the metro at the platform opposite…

Haven’t it never happened to you ?

And the running is continuing all day long : the running at the traffic light to cross the street, the slalom between the unhurried people on the pavement, the acceleration to keep on the lift… and the evening, again, with the metro…

Living in Paris is a real marathon, isn’t it ?

Photo : http://lebrunf9.free.fr

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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  1. Il existe un très bon sketche de Raymond Devos pour “imager” cet article :
    OU COURENT-ILS (visible sur You tube)

    Papy / Reply

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