“Heard-Seen-Read” n°18 : Thursday 24th November 2011

We are Thursday night, metro 9. An accordeonist is playing music known by anyone.
At the next station a girl arrives. A soon as she hears the music she blows with annoyance.
Behind her 3 guys wearing red and black sweats and headphones come and instead of her they start rocking their head from left to the right with a mocking air…
Later in letreo 7 this is another accordeonist who “delights” the passengers… But this time this is the last one who leave the train with a furious air making his instrument screamed in a very unpleasant screeching… No one having been generous…
Paris, the metro and the accordeaon… A vibrant trio almost incontrovertible !

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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  1. Pour ma part, je n’aime pas l’accordéon!! Mais le temps d’une ou deux stations…

    Bénédicte / Reply
  2. Ahhh un “entendu-vu-lu” 😉 Nice post!

    Miss Supply / Reply

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