“Heard-Seen-Read” n°15 : 18th July 2011

This morning two men came in the subway running. It is 8:42 am, line 14, Châtelet station. The two men are nearly 40, wear black uniforms.

The first one : “It’s good to see less people in the transportations …”

And the other one who answers : ” Yes, well Paris remains a city always full of tourists. And I don’t like touristic cities, there always are too many people, we are never quiet…”

The first one, surprised : “Really ?”

And the second one who concludes : “And no, I don’t like Paris…”

Who said everybody should love Paris ?!

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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  1. “Paris tu l’aime ou tu la quitte”
    Humour au 12ème degré.

    Gavroche / Reply

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