“Comme s’il en pleuvait” : a play full of humour at Edouard VII Theatre

You want to laugh – to laugh a lot – I advise you this play called “Comme s’il en pleuvait”. The story deals with a couple who finds money in their living room. Where does it come from ? Whose money is it ? Why ? A lot of questions for the two characters, Bruno and Laurence.
A big bravo to the duo Pierre Arditi and Evelyne Buyle, which works perfectly and make us laugh and smile a lot !
A good idea to change your usual nights or afternoons.

“Comme s’il en pleuvait” 
Théâtre Edouard VII 
10 place Édouard VII 
75009 PARIS

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  1. Pas mal, pas mal…Ca me tente bien, merci pour le bon plan! :)

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