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Discover the Bubble Tea, rue Mouffetard

What to eat before a night which is going to be festive ? Something consistant but not heavy, soft but a little exotic, which makes us waken up and a little travelled... Impossible Mission ? Well, no !

At the K1ZE’s, music and mojitos !

You are looking for a nice place after work ? A good ambiance and good music which make you sung and danced ? Bingo ! That's the K1ZE that you need !

Interview of the Exocet, in concert in Paris next Saturday !

On Saturday night, the 5th of February 2011 at 8 pm, you all will be at the Espace B, won't you ? At the Espace B ? Yes, of course, to applaud the Exocet in concert ! You don't know them yet ? Read this full color interview to know them better. The Exocet, that's your turn...

To read this week : L’Express spécial Paris !

I advise you L'Express of this week (from 12th to 18th July 2011), dovoted to Paris : restaurants, fashion, unusual places... all you have to know about the Parisian latest fashion !