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"Meeting with Alain Kremski, Parisian and World Pianist"

And if I said that Paris had once again given me the priviledge to have a nice meeting ? That is in the musical Paris, at a concert during the Romantika Festival that I discovered Monsieur Alain Kremski. Musician, composer, pianist and percussionnist gone to discover Asia, this Parisian passionate in arts has taken time to answer MissaParis' questions.

Discoveries of the Ramadan Nights

I have just come back from a nice trip from the orient, or perhaps in Paris. We don't know really any more. A tasty mix cultural, culunary and musical mix to make your papilla and your ears wagged !

Meeting with Victoria Vox, an American singer in Paris

Victoria Vox arrives on the stage of the Club Cavern, in Paris, and this is a bubble of good mood which is spread in the room. A communicative smile, a little charming American accent, a lot of humour and above all a big simplicity. With the sound of her ukulele and of her warm and pretty voice, imitating/playing the trumpet with her mouth, Victoria brings us in her universe during some songs. Between two ones, a few stories, about her life, her songs, and with a big complicity well-liked by the public.

But who is Victoria Vox, this little phenomenon directly coming from the States?