Autolib, have you tested it ?

20120121-203051.jpgI have not yet ! But I have thought of it passing in front of an Autolib station in Saint-Ouen… And yes, because there are not only in Paris ! Some border cities have also those little rolling grey quadrates.

I am exaggerating ! On the contrary I was pleasantly surprised by the circle shapes of this “citadine”.
Any how do you know the concept ? Like the Velib but in less flexible. You can borrow an Autolib for half an hour or more. The price ? A monthly suscription of 12€ with a 5€ first half hour. For 7 days it will cost you 15€ and 10€ for one day + 7€ the first half hour for both.
More expensive than the Velib but at least you are not wet when it is raining !
Plus cher que le velib, mais au moins vous n’êtes pas mouillé ! And of course, no need to worry about the oil… The Autolib is electric ! (and this is even a liitle the goal !)
Let’s roll, Parisians !

Photo :

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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